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Dr Abhinav Malhotra (MBBS,MD,DAA)is one of the popular and leading Peadiatricians. He has done his MD Pediatrics from Grant medical college and Sir JJ hospital Mumbai and fellowship in Allergy and Asthma from St Johns Medical College Bangalore.He has a vast experience in Pediatrics
spanning over 10 years.He has worked with leading hospitals in Mumbai and Bangalore.Currently he is working with Narayana Hrudalaya HSR Layout and has his own private clinics.He has also been a speaker at several national Pediatric conferences and has been a HOPE faculty member with Indian Academy of Pediatrics.A patient listener with an
easy going nature and expertise in Pediatrics ,he is a popular pediatrician with children.

One of the Best Pediatrician in bangalore

Dr. Abhinav Malhotra specializes in providing comprehensive healthcare services for infants, children, and adolescents. His extensive knowledge in pediatric medicine encompasses a wide range of areas, including developmental milestones, nutrition, immunizations, and the management of common childhood illnesses.

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Pediatric Consultations

A Pediatric Consultant, plays a crucial role in the specialized field of pediatric medicine. Here's a comprehensive overview of the qualities and services that define a top-notch Pediatric Consultant

Newborn Care

Dr. Abhinav Malhotra is a renowned pediatrician with a specialized focus on newborn care. Here's an insight into his approach and the comprehensive services he provides for newborns


Dr. Abhinav Malhotra places a strong emphasis on vaccinations as a cornerstone of preventive healthcare for children. His approach to vaccinations is thorough, evidence-based, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each child.

Growth Monitoring

Dr. Abhinav Malhotra places significant emphasis on growth monitoring as a fundamental aspect of pediatric care. His approach involves meticulous tracking of a child's physical, mental, and developmental
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